You Can Really Become Slim By Thinking Slim

by admin on November 8, 2012

There is an old proverb saying “A healthy mind lives in a healthy body”. This proverb can be well defined by the fact that your mind plays an important role to build your conscience, which mentally prepares you to set your goals. Most of the people today are stressed due to the problem of obesity. There are various weight loss programs specially designed to help your body burn excessive fats. All these programs include high intensity exercises and balanced diet charts which you need to follow regularly and strictly. Every person who is facing the problem of obesity will definitely be undergoing through some of these programs.

In spite of all the people following the techniques of these weight loss programs, only a few of them achieve the desired results. There are many reasons why a number of people fail to get the effective results. The most common reason is their inability to strictly adhere to the healthy routine of the programs. However, this inability is mainly because of the weak mental preparation and wrong goal settings. Our mind has an important role to determine our thoughts, emotions, temptations, etc. Therefore, just by involving into some physical activities will not help your body to gain its best condition unless you have the strong desire to reach that level.

Thinking slim does not mean that just by thinking about how to become slim will help you to decrease your weight. The wrong conception of the nutrition requirement which is set in your mind can lead you to choose the wrong nutrition programs for your body. To improve on this you need to give a new and refreshed thought to replace these old concepts. For example, many people think that you have to skip your meals or fast regularly to decrease the excessive weight of your body. This thought initially weakens the determination of food lovers as their mind automatically imagines it to be a tough job to sacrifice their love for food.

Your mind has to be positive in regards to the advantages of being slim. This thought will keep the level of your mental energy high, which will let you enjoy the strict diet programs and hectic exercise schedules. Set your goals in such a manner that you can feel the level of improvement in you and accordingly make it progressive. Many people follow these weight loss programs without making themselves mentally prepared, thus they feel that their trainers or relatives are putting pressure on them to follow the strict diet charts and exercise programs. In this case they cheat their trainers whenever they get the chance to eat unhealthy foods like fast food and carbonated drinks forgetting that precisely they are not cheating their trainers but themselves. This is due the lack of mental preparation.

Mental stress also creates imbalance in the bio mechanism of the body; stress stimulates the growth of stress hormones called cortisol. This hormone makes the internal organs of the body vulnerable to many severe diseases like diabetes, heart problems, etc.

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